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    Unanswered: access and ecommerce

    I have an access database on my site with two table, one for cards and the other for comics, each one has around 8000 entries, I know access really isn't the best database for this kind of job but at the moment it's all I can afford, my question is would I be better off using seperate database's, one for the cards and one for the comics? is it even possible to do this? or is there some other way I can prevent the slow down of database access when there is a lot of people accessing it at the same time?

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    No use the one database, depending on how you have designed it two tables may be appropriate - its not the way I suspect many experts would have done so, but there y'go.

    as regards cost, that is always a limiter in web sites, still I reckon its had to beat the cost of MySQL especailly on a web site. PS MySQL is free.

    Depending on how many hits your site is getting then Access / JET may well be perfectly acceptable for your website. Its definatley note appropriate for a major E-Commerce site, selling millions of pounds of goods a day, but if its a realtively small site then JET's limitations may be obervable.

    you can run MySQL as a datastorage method within Access

    I'd suggest you talk to your ISP and see what they reccommend. They may well have price plans that include MySQL or even SQL Lite (SQL Lite is a sort of competitor to JET). Heck with 8000 rows you may not even need SQL at all, a flat file may be good enough.
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