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    Question Unanswered: Getting Different Values From A Combo Box

    Ok i have a combo box. It has 2 fields in the "Row Source" and it reads as

    SELECT [T-Contact_Companys].[Phone], [T-Contact_Companys].[ID] FROM [T-Contact_Companys];

    Basically i have a table for storing documents. In this table i link to a company and from that company it links to a person (the [ID] is of that company). So to get the company's phone number to display in the Combo Box is easy as i use what is above. Problem is, is i want to copy what the combo box actually displays on screen. It is Bound to column 2. So when i get the Value of the combo box it comes up with the company ID, not the phone number which i need.

    Anyone know how to get the info i want?

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    look at at the comobo box properties and methods in the help system
    the item selected collection could be usefull
    you will require column(x) where x is the order of the column in your sql statement - 1 (collections start at 0)
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    wow thanks a lot that helps me heaps, something so simple lol.

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