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    Question Unanswered: Accessing Informix server from Linux

    Hi there

    At my work we runs Informix on Unix boxes, and uses Windows as the workstations.

    However, I'm trying to find out whether it is possible to connect and manipulate the data in an Informix database from a Linux workstation.

    All the links I've googled for seems to be dead, or does not have the correct information.

    If anybody can assist me with pointing out any working links, or programs which I need to install on Linux in order to access the Informix database, I will be grateful.

    Kind regards


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    Do a google for PuTTY client. I use it on my windows workstation to connect to all of our unix/linux servers

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    You can use the isql utility or dbschema utility that come with Informix Dynamic servers...

    If your question is about connecting Linux and using these utilities.. You can even use TELNET. Hope this helps. Regards.

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