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    Unanswered: How to reset the order of fields in a datasheet of a query result?

    I changed the order of some of the fields/columns (left to right or vise versa) in the result datasheet of a select query and saved it.

    Now whenever I run the query I always get the saved column sequence in the result. Is there any way to reset it per the query default???

    Just for the knowledge purpose – I do not want to create a new query.

    Thanks for your help.


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    No. There is no "query default". When you changed the order in the "result datasheet", you changed the query.

    This shouldn't really matter anyways, since you're not letting your users see underlying queries and tables... right?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Thanks Teddy for the reply.

    I actually want this for me and not for the other (end) users. I am developing some application and for testing purpose I have two queries. I keep modifying one of the query quite frequently and the other one not. I need to change the column positions quite frequently of the query that I do not modify, in the datasheet to visually see/compare few things/columns with the result of the first query that I keep modifying... hope I did not confuse you…

    And that’s the reason I raised this question... Its not a showstopper but rather annoying...

    I still guess that Access must be keeping a track of the order of columns in which they have to be displayed. Because even by changing the order, I do not see the actual query being changed.

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