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    Unanswered: How to force immediate recompile of triggers and detect errors?

    I need a way to programmatically (via JDBC) find out which triggers for a table may not compile properly, so that I can disable the bad triggers.

    I can do this fine in Oracle but cannot figure out if there's a way to do this in SqlServer. (In Oracle I'd just "alter trigger... compile" and select from user_errors.)

    I know how to find the triggers that exist on a table, and I know how to enable/disable individual triggers. I know about sp_recompile, but all that does is flag the trigger for recompile at the next execution.

    I need to verify whether the trigger is valid without having to actually invoke it. For example, if there's a bad Update trigger, I don't want to actually execute an update on the table.

    One example of what I'm dealing with is this... We have Table A and Table B. There is an update trigger on Table B that references column A.col1. Then we alter Table A to drop col1. Later we have to update Table B. At this point the update will fail because of the bad trigger. I want to find and disable the trigger before executing the update on Table B. If there are other triggers on Table B that are valid, I want to leave them alone.

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    Shouldn't this be part of your QA process, not part of your application?


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    No, it's a database configuration application, and there may be triggers that we don't own and didn't create that we have to disable if they're going to cause a problem in our db config process. If we disable any triggers, we'd report the situation and the customer would be expected to fix the triggers before going live again.

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