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    Unanswered: User Accounts Question

    Sorry about the flood of questions i have lol

    anyway, i have used a database i found on here and got some user account code out of it that checks your windows username. It then see's if that user name is in the "Admin" table, and if it is it lets them do certain things.

    Question i have is that i have a table called employees. In this it has there windows user name, there actuall name, mobile etc. all there details. I want to include tick boxes in here for if they are an admin, a manager, a project manager etc. So basically i need that function to get the windows login, then find that name in my table, then check if they are approved for whatever actions. Can someone help me do this.

    I have included the database i got this user code from as well as the table i have at the moment for users.
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