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    Dear All,

    Does any one have database benchmark info between Interbase, Sybase ASA and other PC database ? ..

    I am looking for the best PC / desktop database for Windows environment..

    please help

    Thanks & Regards

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    by what criteria are you measuring 'best'
    what applciation are you planning - ie what do you want the db store
    how many need access to the data concurrently, or form different machines
    what is your experience
    what is the lifetime of the project, bear inmind that it is often the maintenance of the project that swallows up the cash expecailly if you have used an obscure language or db which either falls from grace / fashion or is no longer supported.
    how are you planning to capture / present the data

    there are many other candidates (including Access / JET; MySQL, SQL Lite to name just a few).
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