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    Unanswered: ORACLE UNDO Error - Needs recovery


    I was trying to copy my production ORACLE 9 db to a new test server using import/export and my export on the prod system failed with UNDOTS errors. Now
    I can access my db but when I try to check the dba_segments it states that UNDOTS01 needs recovery. This also is preventing my application from working.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You did not specify the type of error, but there are basically two types of undo related errors that occur on export: detected block corruption, and snapshot too old. The latter is commonly encountered when you export using consistent=yes, which would be the right thing to do but requires you have enough undo space to accomodate such a long operation.

    Which database needs recovery? You said "my db" but you have two, right? If it's the original database then you're probably denying all users the ability to add data to the prod database until resolved, so probably OK to take the system down for recovery as documented in Oracle's b&r guides.

    Remember - everything gets written to the redo logs, even undo. It's recoverable.
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