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    Unanswered: intermittant eror when synching replicas

    I have an Access 2003 db with several replicas which are synchronised daily over a VPN. Occasionally, I get the following error during synching which causes it to fail:
    "The search key was not found in any record. (Error 3709)"
    The help file has only this to say:
    "This error occurs when an ISAM SEEK is being executed and there are no matching values in the index"
    which I can't say I completely understand....what is ISAM? What seems strange to me is the seemingly random times that this error occurs. Usually, trying again later in the day or the next day will work fine. It also only appears to happen with one particular replica. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Access Replication....(yuck!). Personally I very much dislike replication (we use Citrix which I think is a much better solution and real-time). Here's a link which might help though: My guess is that it something to do with the nasty autonumber replication creates (i.e. -1234322332, etc.) but someone else might be able to help you better.
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