Hello all.
We have 5 AS/400 machines with v5r2m0 OS/400 installed (i don't remember fixpack number). I had configured replication from 4 of them into one. There is referential integrity constraints between tables within replicated schema. Target schema also have referential integrity constraints, so i defined one subscription set that unite all the tables (about 20) and allowed transaction mode processing with commit_count=1. Data blocking factor MAX_SYNCH_MINUTES=20.
Then i make a manual fullrefresh of target tables, perform start of capture and apply. When an application program perform database update on the source and apply program begins it cycle it says:
database connection started over tcp...
and then several errors: "insert is not allowed because of referential constraint <name> bla-bla-bla"
then apply quits with "apply ended normally".

why does it quits? it is defined with COPY_ONCE=*NO
and why does it fails with referential constraints?

the same design on windows machines runs succefully.

thanx in advance and sorry for bad english.