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    Unanswered: Space usage master db

    Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has some usefull information about this. The master db stores general information about your server such as logins, database configuration, etc. Generally speaking when you have a server fully configured and being used there is very little activity on the master db.

    Lately we've noticed that the master db on some of our servers are slowly decreasing in free space. For now I gather its just more log data that is being written into them (maybe due to users logging in or out?) and regularly dumping and/or clearing the log keeps my master db nice and healthy. But in one situation we are a bit mistified about the speed at which the master db is filling up.

    So does anyone have some info on what could be going on in our master db causing it to fill up faster?

    Bastiaan Olij

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    You should make sure that only sa_role and sso_role logins have master as default. All others must be in user databases or throw them in tempdb.

    Disable the master devide disk default so people don't create databases on master device accidently filling it up.

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