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    Unanswered: MySql Error in PHP script

    I am having an error msg when i try to access values in a database with the following commands :
    mysql_fetch_array , mysql_fetch_object , mysql_fetch_row

    An example of false message is :

    mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in

    What is wrong ? Any ideas?

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    that error message would suggets to me that you haven't opened your connection, or it has an erro

    without seeing the code block that maintains your connection then its har to say

    are you sure you have opened the connection properly, with the correct user id and password to the correct database

    are you trapping the error(s) appropriately eg using the or die construct
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    It was my mistake , i was trying to have double access to my db.
    Thanx for your time anyway ...

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