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    Question Unanswered: Displaying DBCS data in DB2 z/OS 7.1

    I have a project which entails being able to view English and Japanese data within a table to the Japanese customer. We are running DB2 for z/OS V7.1 with codepage EBCDIC (0037) MIXED DATA=NO and these parms cannot be changed. We attempted to create the database and objects as unicode but ran into a lot of problems, so ultimately we recreated as EBCDIC and used 'for bit data' on the character fields which could contain DBCS data (also expanding the fields). This has worked at other places successfully.

    In this case, the customer will come directly through MVS and QMF. I believe in order to properly see the data, some change has to be made on the user's terminal. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Everyone associated with the previous projects is long gone.


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    You will have to change the settings to your z/OS terminal in order to view the data through MVS QMF. BTW, what emulator software you use to logon TSO. You can view these settings in the session configuration and look for 3270 emulation. There you will see the language and bla bla.

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