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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Other Database SERVER FAQ. Please READ BEFORE POSTING...

    The following links, posts, and guidance should be helpful for you in obtaining timely and informative responses.
    1. This is the Other Database SERVERS forum - NOT a desktop database forum. Make sure, if you're posting questions about MS Access, or SQL Lite, or FoxPro, or Paradox, or DBase, or OpenOffice Base, or [Enter your PC File-based database package here] that you're posting further down the main page at the the PC-based forums.
    2. Post your questions in a clear, precise, and concise manner. Be sure to provide as much information as possible. Otherwise, we'll be forced to ask more questions to try to tease enough information from you, or we'll be providing "shotgun" type answers.
    3. Read the Manual!!! Most database servers come with a manual that's fairly well organized. The odds are, your question has been answered there. Also, make sure that the version of the manual you're reading is the same as your release of software...
    4. Search this forum. The search button is a very handy tool.
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