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    Unanswered: Building Tables in the Administrator Question

    OK... I'm confessing upfront that I know NOTHING about mySQL. NOTHING. I've worked in MS Access for 10 years - I've used the Enterprise manager to build and manage tables. But mySQL is entirely new and to complicate matters - for the most part I don't write code.

    So.... now for my question. I've downloaded

    MySQL Server 5.0
    MySQL Administrator
    MySQL Query Browser
    MySQL Migration Toolkit

    I've figured out that in the Administrator tables are built under "Catalogs" and I've actually built a test CustomerTbl. I want the primary key to Auto Increment - name of the Primary Key field is CustomerID. I set the Auto Increment property to true - still when I enter a record, the field does not auto increment. Does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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    If it's about mySQL - don't ask - because I don't know.

    If it's about MS Access - ask away - I've had 10 years experience.

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