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    Unanswered: Using XML SQL Utility ...


    I am still working with 8.1.4 version of Oracle, but in a short time I will begin to work with Oracle 10.g
    One of the things that are interesting to me, is the new possibility of making the output of scripts in the Database directly to XML format.
    As I read over Oracle site, there is a tool that nakes this step easier, XML SQL Utility, present in Oracle XML Developer's Kit 10g. downloaded Oracle XML Developer's Kit 10g, but now, I have a problem.
    As I unzipped its content, there are a great number of directories, and I feel a little lost in it.
    I would like to know if there is a easier way to learn and work with XML SQL Utility.


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    I never installed this product, but it seems that you missed one step: file is unzipped, but you should INSTALL the product, don't you think?

    Now you have something like installation CD (copied to your hard disk directory). Find the SETUP.EXE and run it. After the installation finishes, you should be able to see program group(s) and select a program to run.

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    You may find the going easier if you start with the XML DB rather than the XML toolkit. Both used together help you use XML as input to or output from the database, as well as allowing oracle to store data in XML format natively.
    It may help you to gain some background on XML also as the tools expect you to be conversant with it.
    It was working just 5 minutes ago - I promise !

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