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    Talking Unanswered: how to grab and store executed value of a url

    Hi all i got a url( that if i paste it in browser address bar it will return for me a value like this:
    Note: the url is external url

    I want to grab only countryname value using php and store it in variable and later insert it in to mysql db. Could an expert show me how i can store the countryname into variable.
    My intention is that when a user visits my php page it writes his country name to mysql db so i want the url to be executed within my php and possibly i be print that value too. i be happy if show me how i can execute the url with in my php code.

    if if use java script like this :

    <script language="Javascript" src=""></script>

    it will print countryname alone for me but i do know if i can use this with in my php and some how set it up equal to
    a varible.Thanks

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    Use $_GET. ($_GET['template'])

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