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    Question Unanswered: How do I get the list of all forms existing in another adp project

    Hi everyone,

    After many searches on different forums and groups finally I decide to post on this forum.

    Problem: from an Access Project (.adp) i need to get the list of forms names which exist in another Access Project.

    It seems that DAO doesn't open access projects, only .mdb files, to use container, document, etc

    Also, Jet too.

    Any suggestion???

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    Hi LordSith

    Glad you chose us

    A little automation seems to do it:
    Sub GetForms()
        Dim i As Integer
    'Access object
        Dim oAcc As Access.Application
        Set oAcc = New Access.Application
    'Open the project
        oAcc.OpenAccessProject ("C:\MyADP.adp")
    'Loop through forms collection using iterant
        For i = 0 To oAcc.CurrentProject.AllForms.Count - 1
    'Print off the form names
            Debug.Print oAcc.CurrentProject.AllForms.Item(i).Name
        Next i
    End Sub
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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