We are trying to migrate set of applications from CSDK 2.70HC4 to 2.90HC4.
Development env is HP 11.11.
We are getting the following undefined symbols in the linking phase getsockaddrsize_af (first referenced in /informixdev/lib/libifasf.a(sockets.o))
alloc_sockaddr_af (first referenced in /informixdev/lib/libifasf.a(sockets.o))

Even though the CSDK 2.90HC4 is built on HP 11.0, release notes says that it can be used for HP 11i. We are unable to find which library have got these symbols or why we are getting the compilation error.

Any pointers will be very much helpful.

Here is how the link options looks like
-lencrypt -lGlobal -lm -lV3 -lsec -lcur_colr -lnsl_s
-L/users/informix7/lib /informixdev/lib/esql/libthxa.a
/informixdev/lib/esql/libifxa.a /users/informix7/lib/tools/lib4gl_t.a
/users/informix7/lib/tools/libnforms_t.a /users/informix7/lib/tools/libfe.a
-lcur_colr /users/informix7/lib/esql/libifos_t.a
/users/informix7/lib/esql/libifgen.a /users/informix7/lib/esql/libifsql.a
/users/informix7/lib/libifasf.a /users/informix7/lib/esql/libifos_t.a
/users/informix7/lib/esql/libifgen.a /users/informix7/lib/esql/libifgls.a
-lnsl_s -lm -lsec -lnsl_s /users/informix7/lib/esql/libifglx.a -lpthread -u main -lc