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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Password on the BE: Table LINKING Function now Haywire?

    i put a database password on the BE ,and the I have DEV Ashish's code in my db to auto link the tables
    i modified it to auto link to the folder path where the FE is being run from which is as under:
     strNewPath = Application.CurrentProject.Path _
        & "\Pay Calc Data.mdb"
    the error displayed is "not a valid password. error #: 3031"

    the line i have isolated producing the error is
    Set dbLink = DBEngine(0).OpenDatabase(strDBPath, , , "pwd=123456")
    Yes the password of my BE is 123456- which is opening if i open it directly

    before i put the password it was linking perfectly to the FE Folder where the BE is also present. yes the BE is in the same folder and if i remove the password it still links.

    the code bfore the password was

    Set dbLink = DBEngine(0).OpenDatabase(strDBPath)
    what must i do?.....anyone???

    I am att the whole code as a doc files.
    both modules are reqd to run this function , I have tweaked just a bit of it. what else do i do to get it to send the password???
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