I read about iteam's "The Mutant" on this section of the dBforums.

So I visited, http://www.iteam-wtc.com, and processed the free download for "The Mutant" (It's full featured, but seems to allow 3 simultaneous users)

Actually I didn't demand but a database management system. But what I saw combined a DBMS and a Web Server! Certainly a new, and very useful idea...

I have developed two applications so far (it's been only around 20 hours since I downloaded the Mutant!). One application archives all my previously taken photographs, along with descriptions on them, and some audio files describing many... all of which can be viewed online!
The other application is a personal database on local restaurants, hotels, sports clubs, and cultural institutions. All with relevant pictures and announcements! The retrieval speeds are high, and the browsing ease is worth the try.....

It seems like a new database technology! I'm sure it's worth downloading and trying. We should however be able to examine all its features and do our own comparisons... I hope this thread will be very useful in this regard!

Let's go for it, Database EXPERTS!!!