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    Unanswered: Selecting the first row of a joining table only

    I have a query with three tables

    Table Customer
    Table Purchases
    Table Purchases details

    Customer 1 - m Purchases 8 - 1 Purchases details

    What I am looking for is to make a query that selects all customers, but only the first of their purchases.

    Something in the lines of

    SELEC customer.*, purchases.*
    FROM customer INNER JOIN purchases on customer.ID = purchases.custid
    Yet only return 1 line from the purchases table...

    Must be some special JOIN operator?
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    what's the PurchaseDetails table for, multiple products per purchase?

    "first of their purchases" implies a datetime field somewhere -- which table would it be in? | @rudydotca
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    first of their purchases

    see the attached db.
    I've tried to imagine some but the queries might just be what you may be looking for.

    I've essentially used the first()

    also checkout this link for what microsoft says abt natural sort order to find which record was entered first and which the last

    hope i was some help
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    an incrementing id will work too, but will never allow you to retroactively add rows anywhere except at the end

    a datetime is much safer | @rudydotca
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