I am using Bulk Insert from a Windows VB.net app to load a comma delimited text file into SQL Server table. On the .Execute() statement I am getting a COM exception error " Package failed because Step 'BulkInsStep' failed." Not sure what is causing this. Am not sure how to go about investigating what is the root cause of the error - can anyone shed some light?

Dim objPackage As DTS.Package2
Dim objConnect As DTS.Connection2
Dim objStep As DTS.Step
Dim objTask As DTS.Task
Dim objBulkCopy As DTS.BulkInsertTask

objPackage = New Package

'create database connection
objConnect = objPackage.Connections.New("SQLOLEDB.1")
With objConnect
.ID = 1
.DataSource = "Svr"
.UseTrustedConnection = True
End With
'create step and task, specify data file and format
objStep = objPackage.Steps.New
objTask = objPackage.Tasks.New("DTSBulkInsertTask")
objBulkCopy = objTask.CustomTask
With objBulkCopy
.Name = "BulkInsTask"
.DataFile = "path/filename"
.ConnectionID = 1
.DestinationTableName = "SQL table"
.FieldTerminator = ","
.RowTerminator = "CR/LF"
End With

'link step to task to package, run package
objStep.TaskName = objBulkCopy.Name
objStep.Name = "BulkInsStep"
With objPackage
.FailOnError = True
End With