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    Unanswered: help a noob with slow dbs

    oracle 10g, unix, 2gb memory - new to unix too so don't really know what other stats you guys need.

    i exp and imp 9i database to 10g.
    from 10g, i cloned a bunch of them, TECH1,TECH2....
    at any one time, there will be 5 running at the same time.
    sometimes, it gets reallly slow on some.

    here is a sample startup info from one.

    Total System Global Area 239075328 bytes
    Fixed Size 1218700 bytes
    Variable Size 75499380 bytes
    Database Buffers 155189248 bytes
    Redo Buffers 7168000 bytes
    Database mounted.
    Database opened.

    Do you guys see anything that screams at you why it could be slow?

    thanks a lot!

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    The source of the slowdown could be any of a LARGE number of possibilities.
    Find the root cuase will be a long & slow process.
    Most *nix have "top" & "sar" utilities.
    What do they show?
    The bottleneck could be CPU, memory, disk I/O, or network I/O.
    The bottleneck could be inside Oracle; bad/invalid statistics, etc.
    One approach would be to enable SQL_TRACE=TRUE & run the results thru tkprof
    Good luck on wit the gremlin hunt.
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