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    Unanswered: Excel's legend additions

    Any possibility to automate the Excel legend capabilities?

    I have more than 100 contest results, each with about 3-7 rows.

    Results are presented in pie charts, and have legends, is there any possibility to emphasize (automatically) the first - winner, maybe to add the word "winner" to the name of the winner.

    Any ideas?

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    Well, not instantly & automatically without doing something.

    If it is a "one off" exercise and your data is in a table (list), then one way would be to put a formula in another column. Say you have some contest identifier in column A and the results in column B. In another column a formula of the form =IF(column A in the row above = column A in this row, column B value, column B & " - winner")

    Run this formula down your whole list. Then copy the results over the original column B data - using paste special values. Or alternatively change your chart to plot this new data instead of the original column B data.

    You can do some looping in VBA to achieve a similar result programmatically.


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    Yes, you can. Add another column. Say that you numerical data is from $C$2:$C$13. Then in cell D1 put the name Max (or Winner); in cell D2, put this formula


    Copy it down from D2 to D13.

    Then copy that set of cells, select the chart, and then EDIT > Paste Special. Choose New Series, Values in Y Columns, and Series Name in First Row.

    Select Max series in the chart, then Format Data Series. In Patterns, put Line to None, change marker (on right to something empty - i.e. circle), and increase size.

    If this data will continue increase, then set up dynamic named ranges so that you don't have to change the MAX references in the formula.
    Now you can add the value as well.
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