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    Question Unanswered: How to shrink a database's size without copying to another?


    When Sybase creates a database dump, it records the database's original size (not the size actually used) in the dump.

    When loading, Sybase will refuse to load a dump into a smaller database, even if it is big enough to hold original.

    Is there a way to force such a load? Maybe, there exists a little utility, that modifies an existing dump to record a smaller size into it?

    Alternatively, can a database size be reduced after loading? Currently we transfer the databases loaded from too-large dumps into smaller ones table-by-table and drop the originals, but that's tedious and error-prone. Is there a better way?



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    Yes! there is a utility from Sybase that can do this. They used to supply it in older releases was called SybEdit.

    You could restore table by table or even data row level. I was repeatedly warned by Sybase not to use it. We have even patched corruptions in our database using this one.

    Very neat, unfortunately not very user friendly and you may end up doing more damage than actually solve your problem.

    So the short answer fro you is No. Just scrap that database and get on with a new one.

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