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    Unanswered: Help with creating a form to filter records onto exported report


    I have looked around the forum for some tips and see if this has been asked before and it has, but Im afraid im none the wiser. im quite new to Access and am creating a small database for work as there is noone else to do it and it is needed. I work in a charity so no money!

    I will attach a mockup of my problem (not actual databse im working on as it is big) of what im trying to do, hopefully.

    My main problem is trying to create a form where i can select a nationality and then have the data (name and addresses of those with that nationality from the table) to a report which is exported to excel.

    Could somebody help please?
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    Nationality Filter

    Hi sin

    I have moded your database (attached), by adding a PK (ID) field the the Nationality table, adding a FK to the Mailing table and created a relationship between the two.

    I have also added a filter cobo to the form, with relavant code in the AfterUpdate Event.

    Hope this is some use for what you are trying to do !?

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    Hello Mike

    Thanks for your kind help. It did get me on the right track and together Ive got it working properly now - i think my error was to not put the parameter query in the query criteria. Silly me.

    Thanks again, i'm most grateful


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