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    Wink Unanswered: clear default data cache

    Hi Guru's,

    Is there any way to flush / clear a default data cache?

    I am doing performance and tuning where I have to run a query multiple time and like to see it through physical read.

    I know 2 options one is bind / unbind but it need sa which I dont have and secound is to load some other massive data which is time consuming.

    Is there any easy and better way to do it as a developer?

    thanks in adv...


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    one way is to increase the washmarker size in the poolconfig. If the size is configured very high, let's say 90% anything and everything that comes to cache technically would cross the washmarker point and will be marked for flush. You would need to use the LRU replacement strategy.

    Another approach is to run a large dummy query before you start the actual perf measurement query. The dummy query should flush the cache forcing past read pages out.

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