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    Unanswered: Is it feasible for me to create a DB for the company I work for?...

    I am a student currently enrolled in "advanced database management." We are learning html, asp, some vbscript, and sql to combine into one system. Basically, what everyone on here probably does all the time.

    My question is this: So far, the class is going very smoothly, with little problems in terms of being able to understand what is going on. I work for a local bookstore who is not very technologically apt. I am wanting to try and set up an online database for them so their customers can go to their website and purchase books online and that way can see what is in stock and what isn't (which as of now they cannot unless they go through a site called eFollet which sucks hard).

    They have a program called "Book Log" that is used at each register for checkout. I am pretty sure that it has its own database log somewhere connected to the server. I would assume that I could set objconn to that database, although I really have no clue.

    Ok, back to my question: Do you think this is a feasible option? In other words, can I do this pretty much by myself? I'm not afraid of the code, but more in terms of what apps to use. At school we just use sql server for the connection, but im not sure how this would work at my job. Can I set up access to where it will feed off of the "Book Log" database so its up to date, or would I have to use "Book Log" itself, etc.

    Any advice/opinions are appreciated.


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    Yes it is *feasible* but if you are new to this i wouldnt advise it.

    i personally would use php and mysql for everything since it is a local bookstore it shouldnt have too many records. anything can be done with php and mysql

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