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    Question Unanswered: Cross-architecture DUMP and LOAD?

    Supposedly, one now (12.x?) can LOAD a dump DUMPed on a different architecture (such as x86->Sparc) if the dump was made in "exclusive mode".

    Has anyone successfuly tried this? Is 'dbo use only' sufficient, or does one need to set 'single'?

    Any other tricks? Thanks!

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    XPLD works between different endian works only starting ASE 12.5.3+. XPLD between same endians have always worked in the past although Sybase used to say "unsupported"

    This is like any other Dump/load nothing special is required except that there should 1-1 character set mapping between source and target. You can't do a sjis --> iso_1. This screws up the byte order when ASE loads pages on the target.

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    Cross-architecture dump/load works fine.

    I've used it to load 11.5 dumps from HP-UX to 12.5.3 on both linux X86 and AIX, and to load 12.5.3 dumps from AIX to ASE 15 on linux.

    The database dumps were not done in any particular mode (i.e. straightforward DUMP DATABASE commands).


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