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    Unanswered: GLS initialization failed, error -23101

    Dear Experts,

    I have an Unix ID that is having the following grouping :
    • system
    • lp
    • sysadmin
    • informix
    • orderack
    • bsp

    My .profile content is as follow:
    # @(#)$RCSfile: .profile,v $ $Revision: $ (DEC) $Date: 1995/06/02 21:10:
    58 $
    export PATH
    if [ ! "$DT" ]; then
    stty dec
    tset -I -Q
    PS1="`hostname`> "
    ##### Add 04 April 2006
    export $INFORMIXSERVER=baan_hm
    export $INFORMIXDIR=/usr/informix/I731.FD11
    export $ONCONFIG=onconfig.baan

    However, when I try to run the command onstat -d (some other parameters) I received the following error message:

    GLS initialization failed, error -23101

    May I know where and what should I change or do in order to make my ID able to perform the command?


    Seok Bee

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    In "Informix Find Error" written

    Unable to load locale categories.
    An invalid locale name was supplied for the locale initialization. The environment variable specifying the locale category has a wrong value.

    Check the value of the corresponding environment variable, CLIENT_LOCALE or DB_LOCALE. If this error was encountered when using the "SET COLLATION" statement, check that the value passed to the statement is a valid locale. If this error was encountered when using the "SET NO COLLATION" satatement, check that the session's default locale file is still available. Also check if INFORMIXDIR points to a valid directory where IBM Informix products are installed.

    If a client application receives this error when it requests a database server connection, check that the client and database locales are compatible. They are compatible if a valid locale exists on the server computer with the name lg_tr.codeset@mod, where lg_tr (language and territory) and mod (locale modifier) are from the CLIENT_LOCALE and codeset is from the database locale (from the DB_LOCALE, if it is set, or as stored in the database).

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