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    Unanswered: Keywords defaulting to lower case

    Curious behavior, but doesn't seem to be a problem. The keywords "Left", "Right", of the functions of the same names, default to all lower case letters. I've found the same behavior for the property keyword "Top". As far as I can tell they still function fine, but it would be interesting to know the cause.

    I'm working with an application that has evolved through all the versions from Access 2.0 to Access 97.

    Ray Burrows

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    i've seen similar...
    ...last week

    my app offered users the choice of Outlook destination for a SNP report attached to a mail: Drafts; View; Send.
    i cleverly named the option group outputTo and that invoked similar symptoms:
    this idiocy has been there since 2002 and everything worked fine until last week when one user couldn't send reports (turned out to be a corrupt A install) and trying to sort her out i noticed the 'o' not 'O'

    have a look through your controls, your constants, your variables (tho, frankly, a something called 'Top' or 'Left' is possibly even more daft than my 'outputTo' stupidity)

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    People, this forum is for users of MS Access, a databse program, nit access with a lowercase a.
    Hope this helps!

    The problem with making anything that fools are so darn ingenious!

    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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