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    Unanswered: Keep losing Workgroup connection

    Anyone ever have the problem with your workgroup connection sporadically going back to a newly created system.mdw, instead of the secured .mdw?

    My connection keeps going back to the system.mdw. Ever since we got a new server, we've had this problem. Can it be something stupid like rebooting the server? Or, running backups in the middle of the day? Our network guys have a habit of doing it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    depends where your mdw is, if its on a network rersource that keeps 'dissappearing' then its feasible that access resests to a local setting.

    I have seen problems if you or your network trolls tinker with an Access installation or update the access app. installing patches seesm to wreck an Access installation.

    I have also seen problems if your network trolls tinker with network settings / profiles.

    It seemed more prevalent on Netware, but Microsoft servers installations were also in the frame.

    first off I'd try to convince your network trolls not to back up the mdw during daytime, although I would have expected the MDW to force the back up job to hang.

    you could also try to start your copy of access forcing it to use a nominated workgroup as a command line switch - I think it is /w<workgroupfile>
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    Thanks for the support on the subject. I knew I wasn't going crazy.

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