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    Unanswered: How do I get my foot into the Oracle door?


    I'm a SW professional w/ many years' experience as a UNIX and Windows Admin, and before that developing vertical applications in a laboratory. I'm personally familiar w/ all phases of the SW life cycle.
    Recently I've taken Oracle courses for:
    DB Design also SQL Fundamentals - Both were old hat from my MS in SW.
    Also DBA 10g OCA and OCP courses. (I passed the OCA test, no OCP try yet.)
    Very recently I also completed a 10 week university course on PL/SQL - also very familiar to the SW I used for years - where I used an ANSI STD SQL engine to do the DDL & DML and the cascading deletes and more the hard way.
    I'm against a wall. Either companies promote from w/in or hire an outside expert. I would welcome either a DBA or a Developer position.
    Do I get blatant and sell myself REAL cheap? I want my entry more than the money now. I've even looked unsuccessfully for volunteer jobs.
    Any clues/suggestions anybody?

    I live in the north Seattle area.

    Thank you.

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    get into a company with a large Oracle DBA department.
    Then transfer internally into the DBA or development group.
    - The_Duck
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    I say put your resume out there and apply for jobs. Go on as many interviews as you can - even though you don't have the relevant experience, I think you'd be surprised at how many people will at least give you an hour of their time to talk to.

    Go in with confidence that you can do a good job if given the chance. When the experience question comes up, come back with a response along the lines of:
    "How exactly do you propose I get relevant experience if you are not willing to give me a shot?"

    Again you are there to find the one person to remember what its like to want to get in on the bottom rung. You only need one person to give you a shot to get the experience - after that, your job performance will speak for itself when you go for another job.

    And don't get frustrated - if you truly want to do it, hit up Monster and CareerBuilder and keep applying for jobs.

    Good luck!
    Oracle OCPI (Certified Practicing Idiot)

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