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    Unanswered: how to build a query

    Can you help me with the construction of a query.I want to make a query out of 2 tables and to show in this query the number of the call and the call
    date.My query shows the number of the call, but it does not show the date.
    Obviously i cannot bind the 2 tables together.
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    The reason it does not show the date is because there is no date entry for that record (the record where ClientID=5). In fact that is the only record with no date!

    Obviously this is an example but make sure you implement primary keys in your tables (if you haven't already). Also the join you have implemented in your query here is unnecessary since you are not getting any more information from tblClients. ClientID is already in CallsClients. However, if you needed to show ClientNAme for example then yes, the joi would be necessary.


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