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    Unanswered: Downgrading fixpaks

    Is it possible to downgrade fixpaks? I'm currently running fixpak 10 and would like to be running 9a.

    IBM's website seems to suggest that you have to uninstall DB2, then reinstall it and install the desired fixpak. If that's the case, is there a good way to go about reinstalling DB2?

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    If you used an alternate fixpack to install fixpack 10, and still have 9a on your system, then you can downgrade an instance with the -D option on db2iupdt (from the 9a directories).

    DB2 alternate fixpacks are available for UNIX or Linux, if you have the ESE version.
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    If you upgraded from Fixpak 9a to 10 , and during the upgrade 'applied' and did not 'commit', then you should be able to downgrade to 9a.

    IIRC, there is a uninstallFixpak command in the fixpak itself.

    Make sure you do a db2iupdt.

    If you have upgraded database also to FP10 (using db2updv8) then I think this downgrade is not possible.

    Please note, the info above is a general scenario and may not necessarily apply to the fixpaks in question. Please refer to the readme notes of the fixpak for defintive info

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    Thanks for the advice, guys.

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