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    suppose the cmt is string variable

    cmt = "Invoice 1:" & Chr(10)
    cmt = cmt & "Num: 1" & Chr(10)
    cmt = cmt & "Company: Microsoft"
    cmt = cmt & Chr(10)
    cmt = cmt & "Invoice 2:" & Chr(10)
    cmt = cmt & "Num: 2" & Chr(10)
    cmt = cmt & "Company: IBM"

    .Worksheets(1).Cells(1, 5).AddComment cmt
    .Worksheets(1).Cells(1, 5).Comment.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font.Bold = False

    I used the above code to do the comment, but I want to set "Invoice 1" and "Invoice 2" to be Bold = True only.

    How can I change?

    Does anybody know that? Thanks.

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    The programming interface for Excel does not appear to give you format control over comments. Even the InterOp infor for .NET only references a Text String for this Object.

    Did you post this the Excel forum?

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    I also have searched on this topic. While it can be done directly in Excel in the comment, I haven't found a VBA solution to changing part of that format.
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