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    Unanswered: Sync redo log change to standby

    I have changed the redo log configuration on my primary database and wish to sync the changes with the standby.

    I can add/drop using alter database but get "ORA-01623: log 4 is current log for thread 1 - cannot drop" when trying to run these commands on log group 4.

    I assume this is because log group 4 was the current log when the standby was created, but as it is a standby I don't care. I cannot switch logfiles as I cannot open the database to run a switch logfiles command!

    Does anyone have a solution other than recreating the standby?


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    I bet that if you put your DB version (especially since 'standby' prior 9i is different from 'standby' nowadays) there could be more answer to your questions.

    Have you tried recovering it automatically ?

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    Thanks for the tip
    My database version is but is standard edition (no dataguard automation). Oracle docs on the subject simply say use the add/drop options mentioned in my original post.

    Queries on v$log show group 4 as current which would have been true in the primary db. The alter database commands are still checking this status even though the database is a standby and I can't find a command to alter this without opening the database.


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