We have a vb6.0 Application that runs on MSQl very well, We managed to convert the SQL Db to Oracle 10g.

We have a script in oracle that loads records to a temporaty table tt_user which we manipulate from the front end. When one saves we transfer the records from the temporary table tt_user to the final table.

When manipulating the temporary table through code i get Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. Yet the field types are okay, Data Types, and the characters are okay. Its not allowing us to assign any value to any field of that recordset at runtime/Design time, Yet through the VB Immediate window i can see the field names and values and it okay, the values being passed to the fields are accurate. Code extract is as follows
With ORecordset
ORecordset.Filter = adFilterNone
ORecordset.Filter = "ModuleName = '" & node.Text & "'

If ORecordset.RecordCount = 0 Then
Exit Sub
End If
ORecordset!CreditPostingLimit = 0 **** Error occures here and in any below line when assigning a value to the recordset
ORecordset!DebitPostingLimit = 0
ORecordset!CreditSupervisionLimit = 0
ORecordset!DebitSupervisionLimit = 0
ORecordset!ExcessLimit = 0
End With