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    Arrow Unanswered: NFS... performance issue.


    We are doing an export of large table to nfs file system. This is a monthly job.
    DB2 V8.1 Fp11 64bit AIX 5.2 64bit.

    Machine A has /nfstest and shared to Machine B and mounted as /nfstest1 in B on /nfstest of A.

    We are running a export from B to /nfstest1 directory. In few seconds it freezes the system. Even we cannot do ls -l command on the system.

    What might be the problem?
    Any AIX parameter to be tuned? What are they?
    Any DB2 UDB parameter to be updated? What are they?

    Please let me know

    Thanks in advance

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    I would recommend that you post this query to an AIX or Unix newsgroup ... You should be able to get some response there ..

    As for DB2 UDB parameter, I would try disabling prefetch ...

    Let the forum know how you get on ...

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