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    Unanswered: Change the shape of the comment


    When I insert the comment in the worksheet of the Excel application.

    The shape is rectangle.

    which button we can change to another shape (eg. Balloon, etc...) ?

    I know how to do it by programming code.

    But, I want to know that the menu bar button.
    Can we have it in the menu bar?

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    Howdy. Once you have code written, then you can assign it to a menu item. Right-click a toolbar, and choose Customize. Then in the middle tab (Commands), on the left scroll down to Macros and select it. On the right, click and drag the Custom Menu Item icon to the menu where you want, or toolbar where you want. When you see a dark vertical line, release the mouse , then right-click it to choose Assign Macro. Then, right-click it again to change its name.
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