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    Unanswered: Can Access auto fill in web pages??

    I have an access database & front end, and would like a button on one of my access forms that opens a website through IE, waits for the page to load, fills in login information with queried data, clicks the submit button, waits for the page to load, fills in web page fields with information from my access form, then clicks submit all through some kind of script. Being that I have no experience with web automation scripting, what is the easiest most painless way to accomplish this with access?

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    quote: "what is the easiest most painless way to accomplish this with access?"

    the easiest is probably not to do it.

    however if you know the URL, and you know the names of the text boxes to be filled in, and the form is reentrant (ie accepts parameters) then you could open the the URL with the parameters it itself uses.


    the parametes here are
    the first parameter is spearated form the URl with a ?, subsequent parameterts are separated by using a &.

    however you will need to have a lot of luck

    failing that it might be possible to use sendkeys - thats a really good way to get committed.

    you could also submit the parameters as part of the next form. have a carefull look at the site and see where pressing the 'submit' button actually takes you. you could then fake the entry form and just leap to the next form in the workflow. you potential problem is going to be retrieving the token if the site doesn't use cookies (mine don't)
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