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    Data model - ideas?

    Hey all. I'm faced with the task of creating a data model for a new blog hosting website. Any ideas as to what I need to include in my design? As entities and attributes go, this is what I've thought of so far.

    Users (those who have acquired blog space from the site)
    - User ID#
    - First name
    - Surname
    - Country
    - State/County/Region
    - E-mail address

    Blog Information (details of various blogs under the site)
    - Blog ID#
    - Blog name
    - Date acquired
    - Description
    - User ID

    Transactions (various monetary transactions)
    - Transaction ID#
    - Date
    - Transaction Type
    - Amount

    Traffic (hits per site per week)
    - Week ID#
    - Blog ID#
    - Number of hits
    - Number of posts
    - Average time spent on site

    And that's about all I've got right now. I'm sure there's plenty more I could include so any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

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    out on a limb
    I'd suggest another table to host country details, and if you wish a sub table to that to idntify region or state or couty (ie country subdivision). if you were stciking within the US its no problem, but personally I always find it parochail when international sites have a text box for state (and helpfully list US states & 'other', some even recognise (sorry recognize) Canada.

    The average should not be stored as its derived data. you may have a very good reason to store it but generally you would store sstart and funishtime.

    capturing finish time in we bistes can be problematiical, not all users dutifully clock in and out when the visit the site, and when registered they don't always clock out.

    equally you may have some lurkers who fire up their computer and leave the page / site running in background and open up the page periodically

    I see no details of what the little dears have actually writen in their logs

    come to think about it most of the traffic log could come form the site log

    enjoy your homework
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