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    Question Unanswered: currency exchange into one table

    hello ,I am using MS Access 2003 . New user and trying to build an IS that will serve my new business of Advertisment agency .
    I created some tables as standared for customers etc ..
    But i was thinking about the currency change factor for the campign .
    As there are three payments alternatives
    1- US Dollars
    3-British Pound
    So , i wish that some one may kindly update me how can i perform this in the campgin table .
    may you help me please ?
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    I suggest choosing a standard currency and putting all your campaings in it.

    Create a seperate table of currency conversion factors (since they change often anyway) against your standard currency.

    Then, you have some options:
    - In your queries, you can add fields that calculate the cost in each currency.
    - On your forms, you can have the standard currency on a hidden control and have a visible control that displays the cost calculated in the currency selected by the user.
    - You can combine the above two options by having a field in your table that stores key of the default currency for the particular campaign (still store the cost in the standard currency) and let the form and query do there jobs.

    hope this helps,

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    I think you would be best to store you currency types in a separapet table,
    and store thevlaues inside the applciable row


    if you are not UK based then you will probably be able to say what you currency is and be confident it will remain that currency for the life of the project.

    the reason in my mind is that each transaction will be a different forex rate, theoretically the forex rate can go up and down like a fiddlers elbow each and every day. So storing a forex rate in a separate table makes no sense.

    by moving the currency to a separate table you can add or remove currencies as the businees need changes

    you have visibility of what the customer has actually spent bith in "their" currency and "your" currency. compartives are realtively easily done, you could look at the value of transactions over time in either currency.

    its arguable that you could use a forex rate, rather than forex value, thats up to you. I would suggest however thast you store as a true value.

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