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I am a recruiter. Please let me know if this is a strong fit?

Please share with your contacts. This companies doesn't sponsor h1bs but they want to hire folks for full time if they gave green card.

My client is an established software company and they are looking for someone who can fill the role of a sales engineer who can stand in front of a prospective client and sell them on technology solutions. The company has software products that are a complement to the Oracle ERP platform.

There will be a sales rep working with you but you're doing most of the selling by way of presentation a solution in a powerpoint presentation, handling technical questions from the client representatives, telling them how this solution will address their ERP issues/needs etc.

If you've been a Oracle applications technofunctional consultant, you'll be a good match for this position particularly if you have strong communication and presentation skills.

This will be a sales support and consulting role, communicating with the customer to understand what their needs are and then creating a demo that shows how your software product will help them.

Is this a position you'd be interested in. It's full time 6-figure salary plus benefits and bonus. You work from your home office and meet up with the sales rep to prepare for client sales mtgs.

Please let me know if this is a good fit for you or someone you know. Thanks.
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