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    Question Unanswered: Urgent help needed to understand : Reports

    Hello ,
    I am working on Access 2003 , I am building an IS for advertisment Agency .

    I define 5 tables as :
    Human Resource Table
    Client table
    Campaign Table
    Ideas Table
    and Follow up Table
    Now , I need to have management reports which will show the following :
    Monthly Payroll and annual Bounus (based on profit from the campaigns they workered for ) calculations for the staff
    2-Progress Reprot on Schedule , cost and payments of each campagn .
    3-List of art staff working directly and their contriubution to each campaign .
    Daily and Monthly cash flow tables .

    I guess this all should be done by the relation ships between the tables , like setting up an ID for each and then construct a relation with the tables based on those IDs ?

    plus , can i have things fillied automatically ? like when i ask for the report , it will read automatically from the ID which i gave all the stored information in the other table which have the same ID ?

    May any one please explain me what to do ?

    Thanks .

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    wow - you need a book.

    Yes, each table should have a field containing unique values for each record (the "Key").

    Relationships won't put the data together for you, but queries will. Use the query wizard to create queries that combine tables together, using the Key to matchup the correct records.

    Then, use the report wizard to create your report from the query.

    good luck,

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