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    Unanswered: How to do Ranking


    I create a sales report in Crystal v10 that contain the summary of different items within a Division. Now, how can I rank the divisions?

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    more information, give details, even an example.

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    I have different dimensions or items:
    -%Budget (this is the attainment or Sales/Budget)
    -Total Sales per Division
    -Total Budget per Division
    -Total %Budget per Division

    For example:

    Every Division have assign 3 items in wich I calculate their %Budget and in the summary of the Group of Division I calculate the Total Sales, Total Budget and Total %Budget. Division 1 have a Total %Budget of 98%, Division 2 have 102% and Division 3 have 100%.

    What I want is to add a formula that give me the ranking of the Divisions based on the Total %Budget. In other word the formula field should give me a#1 for Division 2, #2 for Division 3 and #3 for Division 1.

    Thanks for any hint you may provide.


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