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    Unanswered: Install of MySql V5

    I have MySQL V4 installed,

    I installed V5,
    but now I have security problems,
    I used the same username (root) and password.
    I have desabled MySQL V4.

    No idea of what to do.
    And I need to keep all my previous data.

    Is there a migration from V4 to V5 ?

    It seems that V5 do not care of what is already installed !!!

    Thanks for help, all is broken now.

    Pierre (Pl-Arts)

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    Since you don't provide any details as to what problems or errors you are receiving, it is a little hard to guess as to how to help you, but I suspect you are having the following problem -

    This is caused by a password field length problem. The link posted includes a solution, if this is your problem.
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    Install of MySQL V5

    I finally succeeded to install MySQL V5,
    but it is based on the IP nb, I do not know why.
    Before under V4 it was under my system IP number :
    (so I had access problems)

    Now, I could not recover my previous Data (Databases I had under V4 are lost).
    Hopefully, I just started using MySQL, and there is a few data I will recreate.
    But next time I need a solution.

    Now I still have problem to create relations between tables.
    It so easy under Access or MSsql Server, if you could help and explain
    how to create 1 to many relations between tables, great ?

    I am very surprised to have so many trouble with MySQL,
    I need tools which work well, and not spending days trying to solve
    tools problems.
    A day of work have a price, which need to be paid by my client.

    Thanks for any help to support MySQL which is not a stisfaction today.

    Pierre (Pl-Arts)

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