I recently had some difficulties with one of my reports so I went into report manager > properties > Execution > Create a snapshot of the report when the apply button is selected...and ran a second snapshot of the report to do some checking.

It turned out that the report data was accurate so no problem. When I go into the history tab I have two entries for the report on the same day which is expected since I ran the report twice and I'm saving the copies in history. The content of the reports is identical, but oddly enough, in history, the size of the two apparently identical reports is quite different. One is 54k and the other is 165k.

Now I wouldn't normally be overly concerned about this, but in this post Enron world auditors ask questions about things like this.

I'm wondering if there is something about a manual snapshot execution vs. a "schedule" snapshot execution that would cause the file sizes to be different...or anything that might cause similar reports to have significantly different file sizes.

Any ideas?