DB2 UDB 8.1 FP 9 - AIX

I have several databases configured for automated maintenance for REORG and RUNSTATS. Seems to work ok, and I can set the maintenance window for when these activities can occur. However, it doesn't seem I can set when the evavluation for the automated maintenance runs. Every couple of hours, DB2 spits out to the diag log a message that it has finished evaluating the maintenance task:

2006-04-10- I410533C331 LEVEL: Event
PID : 2269420 TID : 1285 PROC : db2hmon 0
INSTANCE: db2_32 NODE : 000
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, Automatic Table Maintenance, db2HmonEvalReorg, probe:20
START : Automatic reorg evaluation has finished successfully on database TESTDB

So my diag log is just full of these messages, making it difficult to see when actual errors occur. My diaglevel is set to 3.

Short of disabling automated mainenance or changing the diaglevel, does anyone know a way to either suppress these messages or reduce the frequency of them?